Federica D'Armento
VP Digital

Federica is the enthusiastic partner, the trusted advisor to work with when it comes to digital marketing and online sales. As a Digital Consultant she has developed a valuable business acumen over 13+ years going from traditional to digital advertising, and she joined the client-side of the business after spending almost 5 years with Google in Dublin.

From Italy to the UK, from Ireland to Switzerland she gained a solid knowledge about digital advertising and e-commerce, working with a diverse range of clients’ portfolios in different industries - fashion-luxury, automotive, retail, non-profit.

Over the years, her genuine interest in people development led her to take on challenges as mentor and people manager. The interest has been evolving into a greater passion which translated into a Diploma as Professional Coach. 

When she is not busy with online campaigns or coaching high-talented people, you can find her somewhere exploring the world, scuba-diving or celebrating a superb glass of wine and excellent food.


Contact: digital@pwnzugzurich.net